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Critique of Communications Behavior

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Self Critique

Persuasive Presentation

71-100 - 01

Submitted to: Joanne Ramsay

Submitted by: Ryan Thrasher

Student Number: 102155970

November 15, 2011

In my persuasive presentation, I attempted to argue the case for why emotional advertising stands out as the best way to capture audience's attention in a marketing scheme. During the presentation, I used a number of different ad campaign examples, explained the different methods some agencies use to capture audiences attention, and described how some previous campaigns were successful while others had failed in their attempts. This critique will explain how my presentation techniques improved from my previous attempt in the areas of timing and structure and in the pace and clarity of the information being presented. Furthermore, this critique will assess the overall result of my persuasive presentation, and how successful my performance was based on peer review and evaluation of video feedback.

The largest area for improvement based on my previous presentation was the use of timing to deliver the information. In both assignments, the presenter is given an allotted time in which the presentation must be given. In my first attempt I had failed to stay within that allotted time, and as a result I was docked several marks. My attempt to improve in this area was through practice, preparation, and efficient time management techniques. By setting an agenda and preparing each topic thoroughly, I was able to predict the duration of individual topics and maintain a better grasp of how to effectively manage my time. As a result, I was able to properly give enough time to each topic, and react to signals from time warnings in order to properly wrap up my presentation.

The second main area for improvement was the pace and clarity in which I verbally delivered the message. I attempted to fix this problem in the same manner as I did with timing, through proper planning and practice prior to the presentation. One of the indicators for my increased pace and delivery was the use of the word 'um' to connect words and sentences. This came across as a distraction, and deterred the audience from the message being presented. Through proper practice and thorough understanding of the topic, I had meant to better control the flow of information, allowing myself to speak more confidently, while slowing down the rate of delivery. Although this area was improved from previous performance, I was still unable to reach the level I intended, leaving further room for improvement.




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