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Crooked Jury Case

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Imagine having someone you really cared about being killed; what would you do? In Runaway Jury by John Grisham a wife files a lawsuit against the gun company that manufactured the gun her husband was shot with; she claims the company was not following federal regulations on the sale of arms. As the case goes on Rankin Fitch is willing to put in any money amount just to win the case, but at the end will his money matter? John Grisham did a better job at using the Marxist view because everything in the movie had to do with who had more money to win the case and who ever had more money had more power and influence to win the case.

Runaway jury did a better job at showing a Marxist point of view by implementing that whoever had more money, had more power. The reason why money gives Fitch a lot of power is because with his money he is able to investigate things about the jurors and potentially guarantee the result of the case. Once Fitch has enough information then he can do anything he wants with the money and get even more money by winning the case, but what he wasn't expecting was that Marlee and Easter have their own plans regarding twisting the jury to her will, the only way that Fitch can win the case is if he pays Marlee eight million dollars. Runaway jury did a better job at showing the Marxist point of view because everything in the movie seemed to revolve around money and in Twelve Angry Men, Rose didn't focus a lot on the money instead she focused more on the cultural perspective view.

Runaway jury also shows the Marxist point of view better because we can clearly see that Fitch has a lot of money and that Wendell Rohr has less money just by the way they both dress and the things they use....



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