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Deontology Case

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Deontology is linked with fixed absolute rules. The rules used in deontology help as they are easy to apply and follow. Also individuals can live by the laws and they can easily be universalised to fit individual's needs. People would be persuaded to stick by the theory of deontology due to the fact that they would not want to act immorally because they would not want the immoral act to be done towards them. Therefore they chose to act morally and stick by the fixed rules/laws because overall it treats every person with some dignity and as ends in themselves.

In relation to this point Nagel went on to say that 'in daily life we generally assume that there are some fixed duties and we expect others to comply with them also we expect fairness, loyalty etc.' Nagel explains the point that deontology has fixed rules and duties which should be followed by every individual otherwise the basis of the theory does not work, and everyone would start to act immortally and it would be unfair.

Kant strongly feels that deontology is a persuasive theory which brings about morality in many good situations to different individuals. His morality is very straight forward and based on reason. For Kant it is not about the result of an action, but it is about the ethical decision-making beforehand linked with using and applying the set rules/laws given. Deontology is a persuasive theory because it ensures that all individuals know that very immoral acts such as; theft, are completely wrong. However in some situations people make adjustments and feel that it is okay to let some immoral acts go due to other circumstances; however for Kant he feels that this should not be allowed due to the fact everyone may be able to universalise and think of reasoning behind their act and this could cause many problems.



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