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Dress Code in Schools

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Dress Codes

Serena Wong

Age: 10

        I think that schools should not have dress codes because students from a lot of different schools will not be very happy.  It would not allow students to express their feelings of which they are if they wear uniforms.  When, I used to wear uniforms, I liked it because it was comfortable and it fits.  Then, when I went to America, I am now used to not wearing uniforms.  Now, I hate uniforms because they are so ugly.  They’re ugly because almost every uniform is all almost the color gray and I hate gray.

        I have T-shirts that has things I like.  For example, I like the minions and I have a shirt with minions on it.  If my school was dress codes, students at my school and I can’t wear T-shirts anymore and I would be very mad.  Also, Girls needs to wear uniform skirts for some schools and when wind blows very hard, it can blow up the skirt and people can see your underwear.  Next, when you run or go to the gym and you need to run, it can be uncomfortable to run or stretch with.

        So if you don’t express yourself, for example, if you are shy and you don’t wear anything that shows shyness, people will start to talk to you, and you might embarrass yourself.  So if that happens, write a letter to your  school district and it might convince your school district to change the uniforms, it’s going to look ugly with gray, and uncomfortable uniforms and it is going to look great or even cute on girls!

        Also, the uniforms of students can be so harsh.  It is because students get sent home a lot because they can wear the wrong socks, the wrong clothes, the wrong shoes, the wrong skirt size, and maybe even the hair if it is too long or also too short.  Students can’t wear clothes that they want and some students don’t follow their schools’ dress codes anyway.

        I saw a T.V show that if you wear uniforms or not, you still can be bullied by bigger students and you may need to tell an adult or a parent about this and maybe move you if you want to move.  If your parents are thinking about changing you to another school that is not a dress code, I can give you a school name that doesn’t have a dress code and that school name is Kwis Elementary.



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