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Ebola Case

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Essay Preview: Ebola Case

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preston brings up the possibility of future outbreaks of ebola or other diseases. based on the information given in the text, answer the following questions:

a. how likely is a future outbreak of ebola or a similar virus ?

b. what are some likely causes of this outbreak ?

c. based on what has been learned in the text, what would be the best course of action to deal with such an outbreak if it occurred ? use information from the text to support that from happening

d. how did they find out about the ebola virus ?

e . is there a cure for the virus ? if so then what is it, if not can there be a cure or are people looking to find one ?

f. how many people have this virus and is it spreadable ? if so how fast is it ?

g. how many people have suffered from this virus and can you get it from just any one or any thing ?

h. this one of the deadest virus that can kill you fast ? if so then how fast can you die from this virus?

i. can any one get this virus ? if so how is that possible of happening ?

j. if some one had a baby can that baby be affected with the ebola virus or would be that the mother dies and the baby gets no harmed ?

k. where is the ebola virus original from and how did it spread ?



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