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Essay - Not My Fault I Know Everything by Jim Benton

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Essay Preview: Essay - Not My Fault I Know Everything by Jim Benton

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I read Its Not My Fault I Know Everything By Jim Benton. It's about a girl, Jamie who has to write a diary as a school project. Since Angeline is beautiful she always attracts Hudson (8th cutest boy in the grade). Jamie does not like it when Angeline does that but when she offers to fix Jamie's hair Jamie thinks she'll be the prettiest. When Jamie goes to help the teacher put up the diaries, she reads Hudson's diary that in reality is Angeline's. The diary says, "I wish Jamie would stop with the hair!" Jamie doesn't know what to do and eventually decides to be herself. At the end, she finds out it was Angeline's diary. She was disappointed that she had wasted her chance. I like this book because

it's funny and interesting and you should

read it too!!

Indus Valley is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Indus valley is ancient culture. It developed enough to be called a civilization. Archaeologists discovered the ruins, which gives us a lot of information about the people in Indus Valley. The two main cities are Mohenjo-daro and Harappa. Indus Valley is located on the banks of the river Indus. There was no king, but the priest played the role of the king they didn't have an army and didn't follow a religion.

'Today is my birthday,'' I said when I woke up I ran downstairs and saw my mom and dad with a gift. It was not rapped it was behind my daddy's back. ''Squeak squeak", said a voice behind his back. I ran too see what it was but my little gift saw me. ''A hamster", I yelled ''I'm going to call you Scoodles", I said. Just then a few more hamsters came out from behind my daddy's back. ''Nugget Chunk Mr.Squiggels and hmm lets see Winkie. I guess the names are token care off'', I said! Then we all ran in the backyard and ran around!



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