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Facebook - Love It or Hate It?

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Essay Preview: Facebook - Love It or Hate It?

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Tim Foley Post 19 in reply to 1 * 26 February 2012, 21:16 * Edited by the author on 26 February 2012, 21:18

Facebook - Love it or hate it?

Early adopters of "Facebook", like I feel it may have lost its way; do they have a game plan for the long term? Or is it just a case of *Crowdsourcing the mass market, with user click- through's, in order to get as many of its users to click on an advertisement and thereby generate revenues? This link from Wikipedia, gives a reasonable understanding of how this business model might work:


(Accessed at 2.31pm 26/02/2012).

*"The term has become popular with businesses, authors, and journalists as shorthand for the trend of leveraging the mass collaboration enabled by Web 2.0 technologies to achieve business goals. However, both the term and its underlying business models have attracted controversy and criticisms".

To answer the question do I love or hate Facebook? Well I don't except the either or view of the question. As I have stated previously, it's a tool you can choose to use or let it use you? In the longer term, I believe this big fish may simply become another "MySpace". If it cannot, or will not, adapt its business modal, to meet the needs of ever, evolving user groups.

"Facebook" now mass market and interconnected, with the other social plug-ins like ** http://getglue.com/home (Accessed at 2.49pm 26/02/2012). It's gone from being a way to connect with friends who, you may have lost contact with. To a place where some people use it as a default website, to get a daily fix or ego boost!


*I wish to thank Wikipedia for the above link used in the reference and the quoted paragraph used in my work: http://en.wikipedia.org

** http://getglue.com/home

Get glue is a social plug-in available to use on most mobile platforms, to share your views and tastes on popular music, culture, and current affairs.



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