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Fast Food

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The popularity of fast food grows everyday, as more people find the ease of eating take out. Whether it's to save time or enjoy a burger and fries from a McDonald's, many of us are guilty. Oblivious to what we are eating, these fast foods to which we have come to love are negatively impacting our health. Fast food restaurants have contributed to the rise of obesity and other serious health complications by attracting consumers through advertising, quick meals and low prices.

There are several reasons why people frequently eat at fast food restaurants. One of the most common reasons people eat fast food is to save time. People find it especially helpful when their time is limited to make meals for themselves. College students and others who work long hours are among this group. Finding no time to prepare food, people can easily order a prepared meal within five minutes. Gorging on these quick and easy meals, many fail to realize the health concerns with fast food. Also what makes fast food popular is the affordability and variety. Competition between big franchises has resulted in meals for just a fraction of prepared homemade food. In today's economy, it seems appetizing to many. For those unemployed or making less money, people eat can out for a bargain. Also with such large menus people have endless choices of mix and matching. People can go out to fast food joints and order a burger, onion rings and milkshake or any combination to satisfy their craving. Another reason that may not be as obvious is the role of advertising. From billboards, television commercials to the Internet, fast food advertisements can be found everywhere. Advertising appeals to the senses and attracts many people to eat out. For example fast food places make commercials with famous people eating their food. Viewers see these famous people eating these different fast foods and it lures them to eat out. All of these factors influence our society to consume fast foods with many negative side effects.

There are many effects when substituting fast foods for a home made meal. This change in diet can greatly affect a person's health. Many individuals are at an increased risk of obesity due to the high calorie and high fat contents that are in fast foods. Obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and many other health complications. A study done by the University of California showed that fast foods increased the obesity in children. The study showed that a fast food restaurant within a tenth of a mile of a school increased obesity in ninth graders by 5.2 percent (Fast Food and Obesity in America). A movie by the name of Super Size Me showed the effect fast foods on the body if eaten everyday. In this movie a man by the name of Morgan Spurlock was documented for 30 days eating nothing but McDonalds. Starting out, he was a healthy grown man at 6'2 and 185 pounds. After only 5 days he had gained 10 pounds.



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