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Firewalls Case

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This week's paper is on firewalls and antivirus protection. The two main questions asked are, Are firewalls and antivirus programs enough to protect your network? Why or why not? And, If not, what else should be done and why? Are those things feasible?

After doing some research on firewalls and antivirus protection I have come to the conclusion that both protections can help your network. However, there are different types of firewalls and antivirus version out there and you have to be careful on what companies you use. It is kind of like you get what you pay for. Firewalls work like a filter between your network and the Internet. You can program what you want to get out and what you want to get in. This makes everything else not allowed to enter or exit your network. Larger corporations often have very complex firewalls in place to protect their networks. This would need to be controlled daily by the IT department. Firewalls and antivirus protections can be enough for your home computer and or a business. This protection works on the inside and the outside. Firewalls can be configured to prevent employees from sending certain types of emails or transmitting data outside of the network the company is using. On the inbound side, firewalls can be programmed to prevent access to certain websites, saved information and or programs. In Addition to this firewalls can prevent outside computers from accessing computers inside the network.

I believe that if companies continue to update the firewalls and antivirus and technology changes this would be recommended to use for home or business.

I don't believe that you would need to pay for other technology that cost a lot more money when firewalls and antivirus will do the job.



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