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Forecasting Case

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Essay Preview: Forecasting Case

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is sales generated in the past, report of past hotels data, customer response to change in rates. It then gives a proper idea as to how the sale can be generated. It is actually to predict the sales of roomsas to how many rooms can be sold in this slow period which are the last two weeks of December rather to take reservations at the very moment. By predicting so the hotel can use stratergies which may let them increase the rates by a small margin as compared to the normal rates and also give good offers and service to guests so that the expectations of the are exceeded and the guest would come back again.

Poor forecasting may lead to improper planning and that would result in an increase in the

cost of business eventually a loss.

As there is a bullock cart race festival to be held in December forecasting should be

done about three months prior to the event to have a proper sale.

The Government of Karnataka Tourism would advertize the about the event 2-3 months

in advance, the hotel should also start forecasting immediately to avoid failure in


The company can use various methods of revenue management:

* Use more various revenue management stratergies by collecting right data

* Proper analysis of data such as customer responses to various pricing stratergies.

* Keeping a track of other hotels in the market as to what stratergies are being used by them to maximize occupancy

Historical data

Historical data consists of all data of minimum past two years. It includes all the data of

the guest i.e. the guest history, their feedbacks and appreciation letters, sales made, financial data, guest profile,etc. This helps in providing extraordinary service to the guest

The history of the guest is important as it shows the entire profile of the guest like if he is a business traveler, corporate,VIP , regular guest ,etc. Reguler guest and few guests who have a high profile have to be given certain special services so as to keep them coming back and building customer loyalty

The historical data also shows the sales and business at that particular time. If the hotel

is in loss at a particular time then, the data helps in analyzing the reasons that caused the loss to happen and make changes accordingly

Pricing strategies

While making pricing stratergies the the factors to keep in mind are:

* The customer

* The property

* The market



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