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Frederick Wilson Taylor Case

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The typical approach of the school of scientific management is the emphasis on tasks. The name of scientific management is due to attempt to apply scientific methods to management problems, in order to achieve high industrial efficiency. The main problems alos apply scientific methods of administration are the observation and measurement. The school of scientific management was initiated at the beginning of this century by the American mechanical engineer Frederick W. Taylor, considered the founder of modern TGA.


Frederick Wilson Taylor (1856-1915), founder of the scientific admintracion was born in Philadelphia, USA. Came from a family of rigid principles and was educated in a culture of discipline, devotion to work and save. At that time it was fashionable payment system or piece work. This led Taylor to study the problem of production in detail, because, thanks to progress in the company does not want to disappoint their employers, or disappoint his colleagues, who wanted the foreman then no was hard with them approach the work piece. Taylor started the experiences that would make him famous, where he tried to apply their findings, overcoming strong resistance to their ideas.

La need to increase the efficiency and competence of the organizations in the sense of obtaining the best performance possible of their resources and face increased competition as between companies. There is the sense of division of labor between those who believe and those who execute. The first set patterns of production, described the charges, fixed duties, studying methods of management and labor standards, creating economic and technical conditions for the emergence of Taylorism in the United States and in Europe fayolism.

The industrial landscape in the beginning of this century had all the features and elements to inspire a management science: a huge variety of companies with highly differentiated size, problems of low efficiency of machinery used, waste, widespread dissatisfaction among operators, intense competition but poorly defined trends, high volume of losses when bad decisions were taken, etc. Classical authors initially tried to develop a management science whose principles to replace the scientific laws could be applied to solve the problems of the organization.




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