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Genogram Case

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When I started to create my family genogram I decided to start with my Mom and Dad. My dad was adopted by my grandparents when he was a teenage boy. They have since passed away and we seldom have contact with his side of the family. Now my mom comes from a huge Mormon family she has six brothers all of whom are still alive but again we seldom interact with them. My genogram starts with my mom and dad next to each other connect with a black line but off my dad is also a line connect to his first wife with two slashes in it show that they were divorced before he met my mom. Then off my mom and dad is two squares to represent me and my brother and one circle representing my sister. My brother is still not married so there is no family off him. My sister is married and so there is a square box connected to her with a solid line and off them is one square box representing their son. Then comes my family since I have been married twice I have two circles off me one ending with divorce and one with my lovely wife. From my first marriage I have on three boxes connected to me and her with a straight line and two of the boxes are adjoined with a second line showing they are twins. I do not consider any of my first wife's family as family so they are not on my genogram. My second wife was married before and his square connected to het showing she was divorced. Off that marriage for her I do show two circles connect two my two daughters connected to both me and her first husband. The reason I have them connect to both me and her first husband is because I have raised my daughters as if they were my own as she has for the boys. The grandparents connected to my wife end with an x in the box and circle due to the fact that they have passed away. When I added my wife's family which starts with one brother and two sisters and their spouses and children the total came to twenty seven on my genogram.

In summery I would consider my family a small nuclear family for the following reasons we are providing economic support for both our daughters and the boys, Emotional support is provided by weekly phone calls and family gatherings on holidays. Since I have started this class I have found out that my mom has been doing genealogy and found several relatives related to my father and we are in the process to meet them and extend our family ties.



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