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Girl Hood Case

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Essay Preview: Girl Hood Case

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Girl hood is about two young girls in the juvenile system, both for violent crimes. One of the girls is named Megan Jensen; she is locked up assault charges. Shanae Owens is locked up for stabbing to death another girl who happens to be her friend. Though the movie you get to see how the system can work if you work and how you can play the system to get what you want. I will like to add that both these were convicted of violent crimes, and neither with sentence to anywhere near the maximum time. After I conclude this paper I will be giving my personal feelings on both girls.

Mary Jensen is sixteen years old when she in the beginning of the film. She is very charming but you can tell that she just saying whatever they want to hear to get out as soon as possible. She always saying her mother this and she mother that, but once she gets out she goes back to her old ways. She is hanging out with the wrong crowd, using drugs, and disrespecting her grandmother and mother. Which I believe between her mother past ways and her current actions sent her grandmother to the grave. She is not remorseful for anything that she has done, she constantly makes excuse and blame people for her actions. She you can tell that she going get back on the same path that got her in jail, when she gets out.

Shanae Owens on the other hand is making the most of her time in there. She behaves better than most of the girls in the program. She trusted by the inmates and staff. You can really tell that she made a mistake and is remorseful about her action. The toll of her action has really affected her family though. Her mother suffers from high blood. If you do not know stress will affect this condition advisedly, which it did, after she get out her mother dies from the dieses. One can only ask the question "would her mother still be alive if she had not killed the girl?" She graduates high school and ends going to college.

I personally don't think either one of them deserve the right to be on the streets. Mary Jensen is a violent crime waiting to happen. She never thought what she did was wrong in the first. She is a classic case "A Drama Queen" blaming everybody for the mistakes she chose to make. They should have better after care programs in place to insure that kids who commit violent crimes are still on the right path when they get out. She abuses drugs bad. She taking the worst kind of NVNA . It's a drug that can affect you mental input and output advisedly forever after just one use. She is taking this drug almost on the daily. I see her life ending early.

Shanae Owens got the break of a lifetime. Regardless if she is remorseful or not she still took a person life. That girl's family will be hurt for life. Has justice really been served? If it was you and your family would you be happy with the outcome? I mean I glad to see that it wasn't an act and that she really was remorseful for the brutal death



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