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Graduation Case

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It was one of the most exciting nerve-racking days of my life. I was lined up in the corridor and started heading down to the hall to begin the ceremony. That day was the end of my secondary school life and I will be furthering my study in college a few months later.

There were many parents there, excited and cheering for their children because they can finally graduate after more than 10 years of study. It was truly a memorable moment for both parents and students. The joy experienced by teachers cannot be imagined, seeing their students graduated and move and to a higher learning institution.

The walk to the the hall seemed to take forever, as if we were all going to a funeral. Some students were so nervous while some students were chit-chatting with friends about their future dreams. Each of us had our own dreams in life .Graduate from secondary school was just a first step towards achieving our goals.

I just wanted to get on the stage and get the ceremony over, but we had to wait for the band to start playing songs. Many thoughts were racing through my head. I still remember that my father said," The only great inheritance I can leave you with is your education because nobody can take away what you had learned. The piece of advice given by my father was always useful in motivating me to study better. Of course out of the twin sisters in the family, my sister always excel in every aspects. I was not the lucky one compared with her. It was my father's advice that moved me to continue my struggle and did not give up no matters what happened.

The time came for me to walk up to the stages and received the certificate from the hands of principal, Madam Koo. All the teachers were dressed in formal wear. That day was the big day for them too. I could see that my parents smile broadly and happily the moment when I took the certificate and received congratulations from principal. The paper meant so much to me that I had a sense of accomplishment.

I still had a chance to speak with my favourite teacher, Madam Siti Nuraiza. She was the teacher that understand me the most. Her kind and caring opened the window in my heart. I was willing to told her my problems throughout my secondary school life. Separation with her really upset me for a few days. I would never forget such a lovely teacher.

I also took a lot of photos with my classmates and friends. Maybe this will be the the last gathering with all my classmates. After the graduation we all would be leaving each other and chased for our dreams. Each of us appreciated the moment that we ever had no matter good or bad. I can still remember vividly that one my friends hugged and cried with every of her friends. I was sure that separation with her friends was the last thing she wanted in her life.

I waved goodbye to all of my friends when my father came to fetched me. The time flew so fast and I wish that I could stay longer with my friends.



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