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Identities Case

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The quest for identity is a long one that we may not know if we ever complete. The meaning of identity is obscure to me but what I would basically define it is as a state of mind in which one recognizes their character traits which aids them to discover who they truly are. ( I wonder if each individual is the owner of just one identity or are we ammalgamation of more than one? I have been thinking over how my identity is acknowleged by others and how I can change it within the blink of an eye. In "Life after high school" all the characters hide behind a mask to conceal their tue personas. Zachery hides behind his true personality of being homosexual because he is afraid of people's judgement. Sunny, on the other hand hides behind what she truly aspires to be and what people want her to be. ( do you think we should let people influence who we should be? I dont think we should. Letting others have more control over your identity then you yourself do seems utterly absurd to me.) Both the characters in this story face the dilemma of living upto society's standards.( This reminds me of my extensive talks with my grandmother when i was in elemenatary school of how I should not let people determine who i truly am rather stand up for what i want to be. Her words of wisdom would often lead me to ponder over how she managed to always have more control over herself then other's thoughts and perspectives did. It must be her experince speaking to me. Maybe when I reach that age I could interpret a more unclouded meaning of it.) Zachery and sunny change throughout the story.



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