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Interesting Case

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Making me submit a paper to join the website for free. Although I am not against this, I would always prefer to submit a proper paper as a pdf or in some other formatted version. I am also wondering the length required of this paper to join. I am currently writing a large paper, and would love to submit it to this site, but I first need to use an article i found the first part of on this site, and to do that I much join prior to completing this paper. I am in the middle of a relatively interesting article comparing the three main competitors in the wholesale food industry in terms of Porters 5-forces model.Apparently I have yet to hit the minimum 250 words needed to qualify as a paper for free membership to this website. The paper I am joining this site to continue working on is a "Strategic Living Case Study" on Sam's Club, and I am looking over their strategy and how well they are adhering to it, etc., in terms of execution. I am writing this paper for a strategy class that has been predominately concerned with the "knowing-doing gap." It is all quite interesting to me.



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