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Interview Questions

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Welcome and thank you for participating. I am here to talk about what I consider to be a very important topic. The focus of today's interview will revolve around volunteer work, specifically volunteer work involving Children and their health. Children's Hospital Oakland has partnered up with Holy Innocents Children's Hospital (HICH) in Uganda. We want to get your opinions on volunteer work and learn about what motivates you. Please be candid with your responses.

1. What is your occupation? NICU nurse at Children's Hospital Oakland

2. What is your age? 61

3. Have you heard of Children's Hospital Oakland? What are your thoughts?


4. Have you volunteered in the last 5 years? Foster children. Not with your medical background. Consulting with the counties b/c of the fragile children who goes into the foster homes. Help foster parents during transitional.

5. If you have not, may I ask why?

As I ask the following questions, think of what would motivate you to give in the future and answer from that perspective.

6. Which volunteer opportunities draw your interest most? Working with children.

7. How did you hear about this opportunity? And why did you choose this organization?

...try to find the attributes, functionality, emotions to why they volunteer

8. How do you feel when you volunteer?

....try to find the ends- mean (value) to why they volunteer

Owe it to society and world b/c of the blessings you received.

9. Think of friends or family who volunteer, what do you think of their choice to volunteer? What do you think of the fact that they volunteer? It's part of the family's philosophy and religious belief.


10. If someone approaches you about volunteering to his or her organization what would be an effective way to do so? Key is to find out what the person's strength is b/c of the family network. Continue to volunteer their best features. Tap ppl's strength they continue to volunteer... b/c they are comfortable with it and can do it again.

11. What do you think are some challenges to volunteering in Uganda? Time. Have to be willing to give up something.

12. How much time is considered feasible to give? Depends on the volunteers. If it's at Uganda is more difficult vs. someone who can



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