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Sexual Harrassment Questions

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Essay Preview: Sexual Harrassment Questions

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Sexual Harassment Quiz

1. As a student, if you are being sexually harassed; when do you report the situation to the main office:

a) Immediately

b) If sexual harassment gets worse

c) Never

2. If you were told of a person being sexually harassed, or you witnessed it occurring, would you:

a) Ignore it

b) Tell other people

c) Report it to a responsible adult/ police

d) Try to help them yourself

3. Have you ever been sexually harassed?

a) Yes

b) No

4. Sexual harassment only happen to female, do you:

a) Agree

b) Disagree

5. Are put-downs or negative comments about your gender considered sexual harassment?

a) Yes

b) No

6. You are going to a Christmas party at work and when you show up the bartender brings you a drink with a note, but what you don't know is that it contains drugs in it. The next morning you woke up naked in a strange place and your boss is lying next to you. What should you do?

a) Leave and not think about it

b) Call the cops

c) Be scared not to talk about it because you might be fired

7. You finished working and head to your car, when suddenly your boss shows up and gets in the car naked, then tries to touch you in places you feel are unacceptable. What actions would you choose?

a) Sit there and take it because he is after all your boss, and he could still fire you.

b) Immediately, get out of the car and call 911/the police.

c) Hit him and then threaten him to call the police.

8. What should you do if you are sexual harassed at work?

a) Report it

b) Not say anything

c) Tell a friend

9. What would you do if someone at work told you they were harassed?

a) Tell someone you can confined in who can assist you on what to do.

b) Don't say anything because they want it to stay within you.




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