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Physchology Question and Answers

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-Who is the father of psychology? Sigmund Freud

-Name the different types of therapist/counselors- 1. Sports 2. Clinical 3. Gender 4. Educational 5. Industrial 6. Organizational 7. Engineering 8. Rehab 9. Cultural.

-name the components of critical thinking- 1. What is the source 2. Is the claim reasonable 3. What is the evidence. 4. Can bias be a result.

-what is single blind experiment? -only the person administrating the test knows, while others don't.

-what is double blind experiment? -a procedure in which both resources are not informed.

-What is introspection? - outcome when using senses, feelings or experiences. (bias)

-what is structuralism? -a school of psychology devoted to uncovering the basic structure that make up mind and thought.

-What is functionalism? -"only the strong survive" or how things function to there environment.

-What is behaviorism? - the study of behavior on human and animals.

-what is the central nervous system? - it's the connection of the brain and the spine.

-what is the endocrine system? - the hormone system- the body's chemical messenger system including the endocrine glands, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, pancreas, ovaries, and testicals.

-what is synapse? -it's the microscopic gap that serves as a communication link between neurons.

-what is dopamine? - it's the "feel good chemical."

-what is the frontal lobe? - higher level thinking and logic. Cortical regions at the front of the brain that are especially involved in movement and in thinking.

-What is parietal lobe? Cortical areas lying toward the back and the top of the brain involved in the touch sensation and perceiving spatial relationship. ( relationship of objects and space)

-what is the occipital lobe? - the cortical regions at he back of the brain, housing the visual cortex.

-what is the temporal lobe? - cortical lobes that process sounds, including speech. The temporal lobes are probably involved in storing long-term memories.

-what is amygdala? Involved in memory and emotion.

-what is the corpus callosum? -divides the 2 hemispheres.

-what is mri? An imaging technique that relies on cells responses in high intensity magnetic field.

-what is ct scan? A computer imaging technique that uses x rays passed thru the brain at various angles and then combined into a image.

-what is pet scanning? An imaging technique that relies on the detection of radioactive sugar consumed by active brain cells.

-what is eeg? A device for recording brain waves, typically by electrodes placed on the scalp.

-nature vs. nuture= genetics vs. environments.

-what is classical conditioning? A form of behavioral learning in which a previous neutral stimulus acquires the power to elicit the same innate reflex produced by another stimulus.

-what is operant conditioning? A form of behavioral learning in which the probability of a response is changed by its consequence that



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