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Into the Wild Case

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"Into the Wild" Essay

Christopher McCandless was a bright young man who had everything going for him. After graduation from Emory University, McCandless disappeared to Alaska changing his name, giving all his money to charity, and abandoning most of his possessions. Although McCandless left everything he knew, he kept the bonds created with the people he met throughout his journey very close and important to him.

Jan Burres met McCandless, hungry and tired, on the side of the road and took him in. He eventually left to Bullhead City but soon returned. McCandless enjoyed the time around other people, as Burres said, "He had a good time when he was around people, a real good time...he'd talk and talk to everyone who came by...He did a lot of socializing. "(Krakauer 44). Instead of McCandless keeping to himself, Burres helps show through his words that McCandless enjoys interaction with other people, strangers or friends.

With the people McCandless met, he created a bond with them. It was almost as if they become attached to him. McCandless met Franz at Oh-My-God Hot Springs. "Franz grew increasingly fond of McCandless. 'God he was a smart kid.... it was a very hard thing for me to do...to be leaving him' " (Krakauer 52-53). "Over the next few weeks McCandless and Franz spent a lot of time together" (Krakauer 51). Franz saw his own son, who died in Japan in the military, within McCandless and felt that God was giving him a second chance to raise a son.

They soon became very close and before McCandless left, Franz asked him if he could adopt him. Giving Franz hope, McCandless said they'll discuss it when he returns from Alaska. With the adoption request, it shows a strong bond that had been created between the two. McCandless never failed to develop strong relationships with the people around him, and quickly did the same with strangers.

Westerberg found McCandless hitchhiking and offered McCandless a job at the grain elevator. He showed right away that he was a hard worker, "McCandless worked hard, doing dirty, tedious jobs that nobody else wanted to tackle..." (Krakauer 62). Wayne Westerberg and McCandless eventually became very good friends. "My mom doesn't like a lot of my hired help,' Westerberg says, '...she finally had him over for supper. They hit it off immediately. The two of them talked nonstop for hours. " (Krakauer 67) From Westerberg words it shows that McCandless had the personality to instantly connect with the people he met and that he had strong work ethics.

Throughout McCandless journey he never forgot the people he came across. He wrote letters to everyone one of them telling them about his journey and how he was doing. He kept a bond with the people he met throughout his journey



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