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Jake Case

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There has been a growing movement in the Republican Party to paint President Obama as a radical, from his social policy to his foreign policy, whether it is stimulus spending to offset the falling private sector declining spending, to the investment of GM Motor Company, or whether he has the balls to confront America's enemies. It's a laughable movement rooted in dead serious extremism, and as we learned in the 2012 Presidential Election debacle for Republicans, they live in a bubble where everything they say is repeated without challenge, and where no facts can be filtered through the dense, and otherwise impenetrable bubble. Conservatives may revile President Obama on nominal differences, such as party and policy, but as far as I'm concerned Liberals are highly disappointed and even shocked with President Obama's policies, specifically in drugs (record numbers), deportations (record numbers, and drone attacks (record numbers).

Whereas Conservatives seems to endlessly whine about superficial differences, Liberals and Progressives, and even Libertarians are criticizing President Obama. In this environment of polarization and party mobilization against what one party wants, if Conservatives are angry about something, therefore Liberals should be happy about something... but that's not the reality of President Obama. President Obama may be a Democrat, but his true colors reveal, he's just another center right politician, and a moderate Reagan Republican. Funny isn't it, that the political spectrum of the US is Center Right and Far Right?



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