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Joint Family System in India

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The cultural beauty of Indian society also lies in the existence of joint family. The practice of close kins living together has been a unique traditional feature of Indian society. However, the degree of prevalence has been seen waning in the present India. There has been quite a number of factors reasoning the disintegration of joint family system in India.

Economic development is one of the major factors bringing changes in the habitation pattern of families. Monetization, urbanization, diversification of occupational opportunity. People started leaving their traditional occupation and opted for better opputunity in cities which involved cash payment. Urbanization also offered better educational and health facilityes. Limited availability of space also influenced the city dweller to prefer curtailing the size of their family by having only elimentary members live together . Consequently, We find high percentage of nuclear family in cities.

Diversification of oppurtunities and advancement in higher education has significantly helped in creating equality between sexes. Women are now well educated and into various kind of occupation which has changed their expectations and perception in the family matter. . In families where both men and women are working the role relationships between the member of a joint family changes which eventually leads to its break down.

Legal factors - many legistlation are passed towards curtailing the discrimination between sexes and resolving humanitarian issues. The hindu succession Act, Child marriage act, labor laws, Hindu gains of learning act. these legislations challenged the inheritance patterns that prevailed in joint families prior to these acts and the dependant position of woman within the family.

A modern India therefore comprises of less number of joint families compared to its status 30 years ago. With substantial growth in urbanization and changes in economic structure, families come across some economical constraints which compel them to split into nuclear families in terms of habitation.



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