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Journey Case - the Climb

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Essay Preview: Journey Case - the Climb

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In the end, it is not the destination that will be of importance, but the journey endured. A journey can either be physical, inner or imaginative. Within the close study of the novel "Empire of the sun" and supplementary tests "The Climb" and "Shrek", the composers present their understanding of journey through the use of various techniques. The variety of techniques used; highlight the common themes presented in each texts; determination and resilience. Within each text the protagonist undergoes an inner journey as a result of obstacles faced on a physical journey.

In "The Climb" sung by Miley Cyrus the protagonist is physically on a journey. To move forward in the journey the protagonist has to enable an inner change to occur. The song makes obvious the requirements of self determination and resilience in order to move forward, which uncovers the inner journey presented.

The set quote and the chorus "aint' about whats on the other side.. It's the climb." go hand in hand. The chorus is repeated numerous times in the song. The composer is aiming to advise the listeners that it does not matter where the journey takes you, but its how you get there that matters

At the beginning of the song it is highlighted that the protagonist had a lack of self determination and resilience. " There's a voice inside my head saying; You'll never make it". The protagonist is in need of an inner change in order to prevail. Towards the end of the song it is clear that the protagonist has survived by accepting an inner change. The inner change was the development of resilience and self determination.



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