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Juno Case

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Juno is a 16 year old girl who gets impregnanted by Paulie Bleeker and she confronts her parents with her friend Leah and gives them the shocking news of their lives. She goes to abort the pregnacy but finds the annoying receptionist and the chinese girl Soo Chin who tells her that babies have finger nails and the scratching of nails at the clinic stops her from aborting the pregnancy. she goes to the papers and looks for a perfect couple to adapt her baby and then she finds this lovely couple in their middle ages who want a baby to complete their circle of love. Juno is impressed by them and goes to meet with them with her father and she agrees that she will give them the baby. they decide to make an open adoption where they will have to pay for all her medical bills. She goes to the ultra sound techinician and she tries to embarass her, her stepmother Brenda abuses her. She goes and sees Mark the husband to Vanessa and the adoptive father who they have the same interests and they watch a movie togrther. Her stepmum is not happy because she visits a married man till late and Juno sees no problem with that, Juno finds Vanessa at the mall and she is impressed by the way Vanessa is playing with her friends children. She sees that Vanessa is going to be a nice parent to her unborn baby. She makes Vanessa to feel and talk to the baby in the middle of the mall.



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