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Leadership in the Organization

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Leadership in the Organization

Leadership is very important in the organization and should not be used as just a phrase or a figure of speech. “Leadership is the process by which an individual exerts influence over other people and inspires, motivates and directs their activities to help achieve group or organizational goals.” (Heredia, 2018). Leadership is not just a role or a position, but an act of achieving the tasks assigned. As a leader, you are the driving force, the source of inspiration and motivation for others. If you are the source for others to thrive, you are an inspiring leader. Leadership is basically the soul of the organization. Being the leader is the translator of the objectives of the organization. A leader’s role is much different, challenging and influential than a managing role. Good leadership skills are very important because it sets the pace, motivates and builds trust.

Impacts and Significance of Leadership:
Effective leadership is an art and it is a personal role that needs the combination of motivational, strategic and challenging skills to strengthen the focus, energy and creating a culture that encourages individuals thinking and achievement. Leadership is about persuading ideas and thoughts, assigning responsibility and unlocking hidden potentials and cravings to bring out the best output of others.
Employees as a Resource:
The employees are the resource of any organization. They are the key to success. They are basically the building block of an organization. The role of leadership is measured or assessed by the working excellence of the employees. That’s why basically the leader and the employees go hand in hand for the achievement of the desired goals. Both are interdependent and complimentary for each other.
To be successfully achieved the desired outcomes should be the main behavior of the employees and the role that the leaders play in enabling and enhancing such behavior is a milestone in creating the best benefits and results from the employees. In a nut shell leader has a powerful source of influence on employees’ work.
Influence of Leader on Employees:
A key leadership trait or a tactic is the ability to inspire followers and the subordinates. Leader should be a role model to inspire and direct others.
The main task of the leader is to supply and to motivate with a clear destination. Leaders should develop a relationship with the employees in order to bring the coherence and the mutual assistance of the work. It is estimated that the outcome from the inspiring leader is far beyond as compared to the outcome of an ordinary leader. That shows the great influence of leader on others. Basically, leaders mold the employee’s behavior and as well as directs them in a particular way.
Motivation is a psychological feature that energize and activates the effective performance oriented behavior of the employees. Motivation is basically a desire to achieve a purpose, combined with the renewal to work towards that specificity. The key to the leadership success is motivating others to do their best and to generate the best outcome from others. The word motivation means to move. Motivation is defined as an internal driving force that activates behavior and gives direction. The term motivational theory describes why and how human behavior is guided and energized.
There are two different categories of motivation theories such as content theories, and process theories. Motivation is the main tool or the basic tactic which enhances the work efficiency and the output of the directed goals and the desired outcomes.
Significance of Motivation:
The importance of motivation cannot be neglected. We need an ultimate motivation in order to reach our goals with efficiency and effectiveness. In fact, it is the strength in target oriented approach.
Is motivation important in the workplace?
Yes but! Why?
The reason is that it is the only force which can get the possible out of impossible, which can make the dreams true and help a lot in executing the missions.
Although In all organizations leadership is the foundation for the success as a lack of it can result in failure. In many cases, organizations with poor outcomes have turned their strategies around by replacing ineffective administrations with efficient leadership. Similarly, military leaders have used various leadership tactics to turn ineffective units into highly effective and efficient teams.



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