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Leonardo Case

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Leon Lederman is known for a physicist by the help of his professor. Over many years he won over countless of awards and also became directors, president, and chairman for many organization in society. Lederman is worthy to be a hero because of all his dedications and contributions to the society and the world.

Lederman came from an extraordinary and interesting family. He was born in New York City on July 15 1922."My father, Morris, operated a hand laundry and venerated learning. Brother Paul, six years older, was a tinkerer of unusual skill"(Autobiography1). His daughter, Rena's occupation is an anthropologist and his son, Jesse serve as an investment banker. While his other daughter, Rachel worked as a lawyer( "Leon Lederman"1). His family is a highly successful business family and brought massive of hard work into the family. His family also brought plenty of success into the family. He love science and reading book when he was little(achievement.org/biography1-4). By reading books and loving science at an early age is good thing because when he grow up he'll know about things that people around him wouldn't know about. Lederman said that teaching is important to him. He advice that kids should "aim high because you can always fall back but if you aim low there's nothing to fall back to"(achievement.org/interview2). He means that kids that try thing that is above the thing that they can do, they can always fall back if they ever fail, but if the kids choose not to do things out of their range, then they might not have a chance to succeed in life.



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