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Lying Case

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Lying is everywhere; it never stops, every few minutes a lie is being told. They can either benefit you, or they can turn for the bad. Lying can easily be influenced among teens, as children, parents have always taught their kids that lying is a very bad habit and should not be encouraged to do it. As the children grow up, they learn from everyone around them, and can't help but start to lie, making lying no longer a bad habit because they saw the lies that are coming out of everyone's mouth. There are two main types of lies, there's the occasional white lie that doesn't seem as bad. Also, there's the severe lie that hurts the person that was lied to.

A lie is a lie, it doesn't matter if it's a white lie or a severe lie, it still ends up hurting someone's feelings. People lie for several reasons, but the main reason is, pressure, pressure that is being pushed upon them. Being a teen now in days is hard; some are picked on, some are always alone and have no friends, when all they want is acceptance, and to have friends, but also just want to be accepted by "The Popular Crowd" to hang out with them. Being pressured by them to lie to everyone they know, saying whatever it takes just so they can have their ten minutes of fame. Based on the saying "Easy Come, Easy Go", acceptance comes only for a matter of time, eventually everything does go back to normal. The "Loner's" will be alone once again, known as just filled space. The ones who were striving to be part of "The Popular Crowd" will be casted out, this time without any friends, because of how they betrayed there old friends.

Getting into trouble is a situation that everyone tries to avoid. It's evident that we try to avoid getting in trouble with the authority. Who do we consider to be the authority? Everyone including parents, teachers, police. Parents look out for the wellness of their children. When kids disobey their parents, they try to come up with lies to cover up the truth, and end up getting in more trouble. Police look out for the good in everyone, stopping anyone that does not abide by the law. Whether a cop stops you for speeding where you can't or even looking suspicious.

The result of lying can end up in two ways, good or bad. The good effect of lying is that getting out of trouble may happen, or you end up getting into even more trouble. Maybe be accepted by whomever you would like to accept you, or just another average person. Friends may forgive you, since you told them that your intentions was to make them feel better instead of trying to embarrass them, or end up not having a friend because a true friend should have never like in the first place. Even though they would be hurt they would at least forget about it in the future.



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