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Marijuana Is Not Addictive Even Though It Is an Illegal Substance

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Essay Preview: Marijuana Is Not Addictive Even Though It Is an Illegal Substance

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Marijuana is not addictive even though it is an illegal substance. There is a long and extensive History behind it to. There is some science behind it to but not much because of the government even though the science of it goes along with how it effects on the human body. There is not a good social view on it though the laws where first put in for the wrong reason and the myths about it are somewhat wrong to but most are facts.

Marijuana has been around for thousand years (Marcovitz). For thousands of years the fibers from marijuana was used as legitimate purposes (Marcovitz). These things included a heavy duty cloth that is called hemp. This was used for items that included rope, canvas, and sometimes clothing. Also, the oil from the plants was used in some paints.

It is said that marijuana came to America around 1607 with the settlers in Jamestown, Virginia (Marcovitz). They soon started growing their own farms as the government also made the farmers grow these crops and if they did not they were fined. This is because it was such a valuable type of crop to grow as they were limited by visits from Europe and needed to make their own clothes. It is also noted by George Washington's diary that he had his own crop but he destroyed the leafy portions of the plant so he himself did not smoke the marijuana.

During the 1800's and part of the 1900's people were still smoking marijuana as it was legal to do so. Around 1915 though California was the first state to outlaw the recreational use of marijuana (Marcovitz). This is ironic as now California it is medically legal to smoke marijuana. In 1937, forty-six out of the forty-eight states and the District of Columbia had passed antipot laws (Gottfried). This same year the Marihuana Tax Act was signed into law (Gottfried).

It stated that anyone dealing with marijuana was to report taxes to the government. This also made it illegal for Americans to purchase marijuana.

The chemical makeup of marijuana is C21, H30, and O2 (Bonsor). The chemical half-life of THC can stay in the body system for twenty hours and up to ten days (Bosnor). There are many different effects that marijuana has on the body. When smoking marijuana it enters the lungs, and rapidly goes into the blood stream (NIDA). The THC then acts upon on specific parts of the brain. It kicks of a series of cellular reactors (NIDA); these act like a high or make you feel good endorphins. Many people think with too much use of smoking marijuana can kill or damage your brain cells. This they also think can never be regained and effect you for life. Other parts that it affects are your eyes, as with the same in alcohol, it makes you look tired and have blood shot eyes.

There are also some physiological effects that smoking marijuana has on your body. Some of these can include, distorted sense of time, paranoia,



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