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Marketing of Toyota Products in Nigeria

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Essay Preview: Marketing of Toyota Products in Nigeria

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Marketing of TOYOTA products in Nigeria general over view. Among these products are TOYOTA CAMRY, TOYOTA COROLA, TOYOTA AVENSIS, TOYOTA AVALON, TOYOTA LAND CRUISER, TOYOTA RANGEOVER, TOYOTA HIGHLANDER, etc, etc etc........

To my best of knowledge about various Toyota products {though I have not bought one before but so close to friends who love Toyota products to buy and use it as well}they are ranked number one car in Nigeria. The various features in Toyota cars and Jeep are of DISTINCTIVE FEATURES AND QUALITIES which I believe was born out of DISTINCTIVE MARKETING STRATEGIES . These features and qualities are deliberately copied by other competitors{ particularly HONDAS, LEXUS AND KIA} automobiles almost immediately TOYOTA latest models are released to the overt market.

If this occurs like this within automobile industries it means within your design and production department there is a HOLE that links your designs to other competitors for pay. It futher means that TOYOTA has competitors within itself. To avoid this in the nearest future, it would be advisable to give certain compensation to your strategic functions/departments.

Coming to Nigeria my country and one of your potent markets places, the government policy relating to the importations of TOKUNBO VEHICLES is a major challenge any auto may have in Nigeria left alone the means of lifelihood of an average Nigeria that is too low{ imagin a minimum wage of #18,000.00 where the exchange rate is #156.50 to $1.00}

I elder OLUBORODE emmanuel adebiyi, born 28/08/1962 in Ogbagi Akoko , Ondo state, NIGERIA.

I have both ND & HND in Marketing in 1987 & 1990 respectively.

At Nigerian college of Administration I have PGD in Admin/Finance & ACIA in 1998.

I join United Nigerian Textiles PLC in October 2nd, 1990 till date as a logistics coordinator in DV FASHION LTD A PRODUCER OF A POPULAR PRODUCT called DAVIVA.

Recently, I develop interest in lecturing in Lagos state University - LASU Anthony campus . though discurssion is still on (as a part time lecturer).



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