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Meeting Human Services Challenges with Technology

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Essay Preview: Meeting Human Services Challenges with Technology

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Meeting Human Services Challenges with Technology

People who work in the human service field must be able to handle and work with clients effectively. A big part of working in the human service field is being organized. While providing shelter for the homeless, providing jobs for the unemployed, working with children who may be in foster care, providing aid the elder, providing aid to dependents, and providing health services for people who are uninsured, social worker and human service workers must be organized and efficient. This has been a challenge for human service worker for many years. There are some other issues human service providers' face such as providing services little to no cost one on one services. The provider also must be able to operate efficiently while meeting the standers of the company.

This is only one major solution to help solve these problems and that is technology. There are many benefits in using technology for the human service field. The service worker will save so much time with the input of information. The client's information can be easily retrieved or accessed by service worker. The client will not have to go through the process of giving their information again. The service worker can provide more information to clients in a shorter time period because of internet access. The places that provide employment services such as EDD, can offer outside assistants through the internet. The facilitators and clients can easily gather a list of jobs who are hiring. EDD also has a website that provides job leads for their clients. The list is broken do to the clients' needs. The internet service is also cost effective because it cheaper resource. EDD has facilities that have computer labs to assist more people with creating resumes. Micosoftword has templates to help guide users on completing a proper resume. The clients and workers of EDD have all the resources they need at the touch of a button and a click of the mouse.



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