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Memo Case

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Dear To Whom It May Concern,

As proposed for from the last time we talked on Taylor Ambulance and Kelsey Fire I

wanted to touch base again. I'd like to stress the importance of starting a new software for health care

professionals for safety of patients and current employees.

Insurance companies are now growing, and medical professionals want information

from patients and kept as privacy.

Audits and HIPAA laws are among PHI basic communication, for addition new

information needed from patients to provide the of best care. New telephone numbers, new addresses

and financial information on less expensive in medications.

Cost alone for a commute from Taylor Ambulances, exceeds possible insurance

companies. Our information and new software will help maintain the communication from

hospitals and healthcare professional and keep laws and patient information for privacy.

In this software will up and have updated information as for new addresses,

telephone number s and nearest contact. This I going to provide safety and communication

among healthcare professionals and patient care.

What I could believe to do is take a vote from our stakeholders and hold a

proxy for new or old software information. Proposed below this data information and the

needs of the company. I cannot emphasize how this is going to work for Taylor Ambulance wanting to

hear back with this decision, and contact me at any time.



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