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Muchacho Case

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This is a very short essay about the book Muchacho and how it changed my life.

The book Muchacho is about a young Mexican boy named Eddie Corazon who lives in New Mexico. He is a very special young man who does not realize his potential, until he meets a girl named Lupe who shows him there is more to him than the gang banger that he see's in himself. He is a very good poet. He can see the picture underneath the object he is writing about.

That is basically the underline story of this book.

The way this book changed my life is a very major topic towards me. As you know I was in love with Alicia Old but, I let her go cause this book showed me that not only can people come into your life to help you realize your potential but sometimes people have to leave your life. That is how it was for me when I let go of Alicia. I need to focus on my school work but when she came into my life she was all I could focus on.

Her beauty was more than enough to capture my attention. Let alone how sweet she is and perfect in every way to me.

I can now sit in class and realize what the teacher is saying instead of daydreaming about her. I will sit at home and do my homework instead of texting her or calling her or messaging her on FaceBook.

I hope to keep this going till I graduate but that does not mean I won't come back to her cause she is still the love of my life. But I will get my habits straight and never break them to where I can balance her and my work.

I hope this essay is very entertaining for you to read. Although it wasn't on topic of the book it is what the book made me realize. I feel if I never read this book I would not have noticed the obstacles I had to overcome in life.



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