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Pageants Case

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Many people believe beauty pageants are over rated but let's be honest who doesn't want to feel like a princess every once in a while. Pageants are a good way for children to realize you always have to do your best and work to achieve your goal. Granted children don't always win but in reality all that's doing is preparing them for all the life events they are going to go through. Pageants are about more than winning; they teach life lessons and let the children express themselves. Nothing is wrong with setting children up for success, at least this way they get to have fun and learn.

There are many different ranks in a beauty pageant; there is not just one winner. The prizes given out depend on what rank you get. Beauty pageants give out a variety of prizes, each pageant is different but prizes may include money, animals, and even scholarships. So not only do pageants help set children up for success and build their confidence they also help pay for schooling. Pageants are a great opportunity and everybody should take advantage of them.

Pageants are just like sports, kids play football and basketball and even are on swim teams and nobody says anything negative about that. Pageants are just like sports, you are competing against one another and everybody wants to win. When children play sports they don't always win and that can be just as hard on a child. If a child is on a team and the team loses the teammates point out every mistake making the children feel like it was there fault they lost. Let children explore and decide what they enjoy doing, there is going to be bad to everything they do but just remember how much joy the get out of the good.

All the judges in a pageant take pageantry classes and have a full background check before being allowed to judge. Classes are important because something may be perfect to one judge and horrible to another, the classes teach the judges what exactly "perfect" is. Background checks allow the children and parents to feel safe and ensure that the judges are there only to do their job. There are many men judges but perhaps that's due to the fact of mothers getting out of line. If it's a male judge the chance of it getting physical are much lower than if the judge was a female, yet again another way of looking out for the children.

There are many different kinds of pageants, natural pageants are done with jeans and t shirts and no make-up. The children just go on the stage and they perform an act and can be disqualified if they have on make-up or even if they have fake hair in. Pageants have many rules and regulations to keep the pageants as fair as possible. Natural pageants are usually where children begin because you don't need much experience to win a natural pageant. If a child does between 3-5 natural pageants before entering a glitz pageant their chances of success at the glitz pageant increases to 84% (Toddlers and



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