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Personal Daily Shedule

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I am about to wake up at 8, take my baby to school at 8h30, go to work at 9, have brunch at 12, come back to work at 1h30 after a thirty-minute siesta, work hard the rest of afternoon before going to the market at 5h30 for dinner. At 7h, the entire family enjoy the meal together, watch films sometimes, and end the day with reading for sort of half an hour. There goes the day, and like a clock, I am set to finish all. With one job missing in my daily schedule, I run around in circle like a crest-fallen hen, asking God to re-direct my biological watch; otherwise, the whole day ends in turmoil, and my sleep grows perturbed. Well, are you meal, letting your kids go by bus sometimes to have your own time for makeup and appearing in the office with a much more sex-appealing appearance. All it takes is a tiny change, which, though, meets protests from easy-worrying mothers. They are afraid of their husband unfed, their kids abducted, their colleagues gossiping over their weird appearance, but let's look on the other side, why don't they envision themselves like this: their husband are actually grateful for their being away from home to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime revels with the old mates; their kids can make more friends on the bus and learn to go to school themselves, which says good bye to torturing hours of traffic jams for both-moms and the kid; their co-partners feel inspired to work with beautiful ladies, their contracts with opposite sex may soon be signed and their colleagues, tomorrow, follow suit, brightening the dull office.



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