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Personal Diary Entry

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Entry #1: 17/1/2012

This Week, Mr. Wilensky informed us about a lab that we would be doing shortly in Chemistry class. It involved finding the limiting reactant and calculating how much of it was originally there. Thus, so as to better be able to perform the lab and broaden my understanding of limiting reactants and stoichiometry, I decided to read online on how to find the limiting reactant and calculate how much of it was originally there. Then, after completing the reading, I decided to put the skills I have learned to the test by doing some exercises on another website, before, ultimately attempting to answer the questions on the most recent Quest.

Entry #2: 10/2/2012

This week, I felt like I was able to fulfill my resourcefulness. In our Quest, Quest #4, which is due on 12/2/2012, I felt like I was going to be challenged. It was honestly not an easy Quest, however, I knew that I was going to get a 100%. For several questions, I found no immediate answer, however my determination did not let me down. I looked for answers on the Chemistry PowerPoint, the chemistry textbook, as well as some websites that helped me. Instead of just going to Mr. Wilensky for help, I was determined to do all I can before resorting to our teacher for help. In the end, I was able to answer 18 out of the 20 questions correctly, using the book, PowerPoint and websites. For the remaining 2 questions, I asked Mr. Wilensky, who then showed me where to find the answer, and ultimately I was able to reach my goal of getting a 100%.

Entry #3: 20/2/2012

This week, I tried to meet the preparedness goal. As Mr. Wilensky had told us that we would be doing energetics after we had the unit test on Electrons, I decided that, in order to be ready for class and discussion, I would open the power points on Moodle and learn some of the material before we start so that I only need clarification in class. I covered the first two power points on Moodle. For Next week, I plan to meet the preparedness goal again, by actually looking in the text book for some additional help on some of the topics that we do in class.

Entry #4: 3/3/2012

This week, I also tried to meet the preparedness goal by getting started on my chemistry lab procedure for the concentration lab. I completed the procedure a week before it was due. I showed my first draft of the procedure to my teacher, and he gave me some advice on how to further improve it. I did my modifications and showed it to him another time. I repeated that process until my procedure was satisfactory for the teacher. For Next week, I plan on again meeting the preparedness goal for I believe it is the most important one.



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