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Recruitment Case

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Essay Preview: Recruitment Case

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Before I address the issues directly let me dwell and explain the concept of staffing and also give a brief idea about the company Dynamic Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Dynamic Manufacturing, Inc. is a specialist in the remanufacturing of automatic and manual transmissions, and also of torque converters for all the vehicular and industrial applications.

It will be helpful to know that Dynamic's Company's rules and policies. Authority and responsibility for the successful operation of the Company starts with the Board of Directors. The Board develops policies and rules and regulations for the organization, and delegate authority to Managing Directors who administers these aforementioned items.

The Managing Directors assigns responsibilities to various plant managers who in turn properly guide plant supervisors. These supervisors look after the day-to-day employee functions and operations.

Dynamic Manufacturing Inc is an organization that provides equal employment opportunities to all its employees and also the applicants for employment, without giving regards to race or color, religion or creed, gender, national origin, age or marital status, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, or even the presence of handicaps or disabilities, or any other basis protected by state or federal law.

This policy of equal opportunities is applicable to all the terms and conditions of employment. This includes, but is not limited to, hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, recall and transfer, leaves of absence, compensation and training.

Staffing function of management is one of the most important functions. It involves manning the organization structure through effective selection, appraisal and development of the personnel to fill the roles assigned to the employees. Staffing is an important function in all forms of businesses and is a continuous activity.

Now let's solve the problem of the our organization in hand.

Recruitment Sources

The best way to recruit is internally. But this method is not applicable for ground level positions unless there are many verticals in the organization. Dynamic is present in only one industry and thus internal recruitment for the post of equipment repair and maintenance profile will not e available internally. I have made an assumption that equipment repair and maintenance profile is the lowest level in the hierarchy of an organization.

Thus we need to look at external sources of recruitment for our organization. By the way recruitment is defined as the process of searching for new and prospective employees and making them apply for jobs in an organization. Since we cannot use the internal sources for hiring lets dwell on the external sources. The most important and favored source is the referrals from the present work force. This serves many purposes. First if your current employees are referring you to the organization then the management can deduce that they find the organization a good place to work for. Further by letting the current employees search for prospective employees the organization has reduced costs to a certain extent. Also the referred employees are known to the work force and hence a cordial work environment will be there. Again, as noted by the HR, the word-of-mouth method is not getting enough applications so we have to look for something more substantive.

There are various other means like:

* Management consultant

* Employment agencies

* Campus recruitment

* News paper advertisement

* Internet advertisement

* Walk in interview

The most viable source is campus recruitment - picking up fresher's just out of college and grooming them into the job. We can recruit these new buds from engineering colleges that have a course in auto engineering for their students.

Hiring an employment agency is the next best option. These agencies have a pool of talent and they specialize in arranging employment for individuals in various fields. Also they can arrange a large number of equipment repair and maintenance workers in a short time. We can shortlist the candidates as per our norms and regulations.

Walk in interviews will also be conducted as any one who is interested in joining our company may just land up. Walk in interviews can be advertised with regular news papers.

Among the options mentioned campus recruitment is the most cost effective process. Also walks in conducted without advertisement is also a cost effective mean.

Performance appraisal instrument

Designing a performance appraisal instrument that will capture the performance dimensions for the recruited positions is a tough job and needs details understanding of the work profile. Few things to be kept in mind are as follows:

a. Type of performance appraisal. We need to decide whether we want to use a graphic rating or a behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS) or an outcome-based appraisal or a combination of the three. This decision is based on the type of job being appraised and whether there is a possibility to observe behaviors or only outcomes can be measured. For our current profile we can measure both the outcomes and also the behavior.

b. Scoring for each dimension. We will use a similar format for all dimensions even though there is a possibility to have different scores for each dimension. Generally, a Likert-type scale (1-5; "Below Standard"-"Meets Standard"-"Exceeds Standard") is used.

c. Weighting each dimension. We have to weigh which aspect of the job is more important and which is less and then assign weights to them. We can weigh the scores using the "Percentage of Weekly Time" as the weighting.

Please see the attachment for a draft named 'appraisalformtemplate.doc' for a draft performance appraisal tool.


Pre screening is basically a step were application received for the job are rejected based on the basic grounds like unruly behavior in the past job or habit of drinking, etc. This does not require any great know-how and can be done by anybody. Looking into our current profile or repair and maintenance we can pre-screen the application received by simply instructing the receptionist to reject applications that contains elements like unruly behavior at past work place or habit of drinking. Also since the profile requires physically fit people the company has to reject applications of those who are not physically fit.



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