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Regions Case

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The South is a traditionally conservative culture. There are a large number of people in this region who practice Christianity and the South has the highest religious attendance figures in the United States. Music is a large part of Southern culture, ranging from country music to jazz to rock and roll. The Civil War between the North and South of the United States divided the people of these regions, which lead to a further separation of distinct cultures.

The Northeast/New England is an area with distinct foods, customs, and social structures. Today, New England is the least religious region in the nation. New England cuisine is focused on seafood and dairy. In fact, the McDonalds' in the New England area offer a "McLobster", something unheard of in the South. Also, New England is filled with rich history of the country that attracts many tourists, with the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania and many cities where the Independence War took place, such as Bennigton, Vermont. The waves of immigration from Europe played a large role in shaping this New England's culture.

Los Angeles is the single most important site for entertainment in the United States. The region is filled with creative people aspiring to work in this industry, whether it be film, music, or television. Fashion is an enormous part of L.A. culture, with more people than not sporting the latest trends. In fact, L.A. is often ahead of the fashion curve and its residences are wearing clothing styles that have not yet been popularized in the rest of the nation. Also, Los Angeles is one of the most historically relevant cities for the gay and lesbian community. A large percentage of West Hollywood, a suburb of L.A., is inhabited by members of the gay community and the restaurants and bars reflect this.



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