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Religion Case

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Before we can address the possibility of containing International Terrorism lets first establish what that term actually means. International Terrorism is defined as terrorism practiced in a foreign country by terrorists who are not native to that particular country. It is the calculated use of violence against civilians in order to attain goals that are usually political, religious or ideological in nature and this is done through intimidation or instilling fear.

My personal opinion is that International Terrorism cannot be contained because it's too erratic. This is one of the primary reasons concerning the difficulty involved in preventing a terrorist attack before it occurs. Rarely does anyone, civilian or government official, see the attacks coming. Another reason is the obsessive nature of individuals who carry out theses suicidal attacks. These factors are often the primary reason that the only action that can be taken in response to terrorism is after the fact.

So how do you stop an undetectable threat? The answer is pretty simple, you can't. Obtaining information about the identity, goals, plans, and vulnerabilities of terrorists is extremely difficult. There are a few instances where different terrorist groups have ongoing political or religious motives that may have national security on high alert for any type of terrorist activity. But if you don't know the specifics like the place and time of an attack there is no real way to be effective in preventing them. On an average day, over one million people enter the United States legally and thousands more enter illegally. As the World Trade Center bombing demonstrated, we cannot rely solely on the border controls and procedures to keep foreign terrorists out of the United States.

There is also a significant and controversial problem when is comes to terrorism and that is how do we respond and what is appropriate? The

United States has implemented a counterterrorism policy that is based on four pillars. They include make no concessions to terrorists and strike no deals; bring terrorists to justice for their crimes; isolate and apply pressure on states that sponsor terrorism to force them to change their behavior; and

bolster the counterterrorism capabilities of countries that work with the United States and require assistance. Inside information is the key to preventing attacks by terrorists. The U.S uses groups like the CIA to aggressively recruit informants with unique access to terrorists' plans and they sometimes include previously convicted of commiting terrorism or some related act.

The best possible method of attempting to decrease terrorist activity is working hand in hand with other countries to narrow the range and territory in which terrorist groups can operate. If we can reduce the sanctuary environment in various countries where terrorists operate, it will make it harder



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