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Religion Case

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Essay Preview: Religion Case

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Religion does not matter. There are ABSOLUTELY no membership fees at OtherPapers.com.

For our free membership, please upload one paper to the site. Your account will be activated immediately!How can I compare the heroes, Beowulf and Gilgamesh?

Need to compare Beowulf and Gilgamesh to each other as heroess, the monsters,Grendel and Humbaba, and the settings of both epics.Although he was given magical reeds that would insure eternal life, Gilgamesh didn't take it (actually he lost it).However, he returned to his people and begins to build buildings and shelter for his people. He eventually became well beloved and respected as a good king. In an ironic twist, Gilgamesh found eternal life by province of what he did for his people. His body died, but his name lived on in the generosity he gave his people.

Gilgamesh would live out the rest of his life as a beloved king. Beowulf would die in glorious battle with the dragon. Gilgamesh went out on a selfish journey to find eternity. Instead, he found the virtue of selflessness and the importance of being a leader. Beowulf on the other hand realized that happiness wasn't being the king, but being the hero who saved the day and battled evil.

In contrast, the two heroes met different ends. In comparison, the two found the same thing; what they really wanted and what they needed. Gilgamesh needed responsibility and a lesson in humility and sorrow. Beowulf needed a period away from his warrior life to realize how much he missed it. The two men learned that life doesn't always meek out what they wanted.



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