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Reputaion Case

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In today's culture reputation is a highly valued thing to some and not important to others. Most people try to retain a positive reputation in today's society but those people that don't care about their reputation go on to become who they truly are. Reputation controls people and can keep them from reaching their full potential.

Reputation is not even important to an extent, why should you let other people decide who you are. The most successful people in the world are successful because they didn't let their reputation have an effect on their choices. If someone takes your reputation into question you should not let them hold you back. The only time reputation can really hold you back is if you have a criminal record. It can keep you from getting jobs and getting into colleges. Other than that you should not let it affect you.

People will go to crazy measures to save their reputations. They will lie and manipulate people or words to alter the situation. An example of this is in 2011 when Terrell Owens overdosed on pain killers. He simply described it as a bad reaction to the medication. There is no telling what other things people would or wouldn't do to maintain a good reputation.

I have had my reputation questioned many times in my life. I don't have the greatest rep but I don't let it affect me. I used to get in trouble



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