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Richard Case

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May 16th 2005 started out like any other day. That afternoon when I took Seth home I never imagined that would be the last time I'd babysit him. Things went terribly wrong because Seth was killed that afternoon by his uncle Dennis.

I was inside talking to Seth's brother Steven at the time when Dennis decided to take Seth on a four wheeler ride. I was feeling fine until Dennis came running in the house covered in blood. We all went running outside and at that instant my stomach turned. When I saw Seth lying on the ground covered in blood, I started puking. Blood was coming out of his ears, nose, and mouth but remarkly Steven was able to keep Seth alive long enough for the ambulances to get there by giving him CPR.

Once the ambulances got there they instantly got him ready and transported him to the Field of Dreams to meet the helicopter, but when he was removed from the ambulance and almost placed in the helicopter he died. The paramedics said if it wasn't for Dennis sending Seth into shock by moving his body back to the house that he would have made it, which upset everyone.

Upon investigation it was revealed that Dennis had alcohol and weed in his system. To top it off he didn't have a helmet on Seth. Dennis got indicted on child endangerment, reckless operation, and under influence. Dennis served six years and got released December 26th 2011. To this day no one in Seth's family will talk to Dennis.

Seth's funeral was less then a week after he died. I myself lost it when I saw the slide show of Seth's short life play over and over. When I walked up to see Seth one last time in his casket my heart broke because they put all his favorite toys in there with him. To this day I still have nightmares about it, but I choose to remember Seth when he was happy and full of life.



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