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Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

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Essay Preview: Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

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The primary learning exercise for completions of MGT 795 Strategic Management and Ethics is the preparation of cases each week and the preparation of a slide presentation for weeks 4, 5 and 6. The weekly case studies combined with the Capstone Case Study represents two-thirds of the grade evaluation for the course.

The Capstone Case Study is different it several important respects. First, given its scope it offers the participant a greater opportunity to respond in depth, but also requires increased effort. Second, the analysis requires five issues over the three required in the weekly cases. Third, there is no requirement for "takeaways" in the Capstone Case.

Case Preparation

Each participant shall prepare an individual case study for cases so assigned and as a member of their group for a case assigned as a group, if any.

(1) It is permissible to discuss assigned cases with others including classmates, mentors and associates. It is not permissible to assist or accept assistance in the actual writing of the individually assigned case studies.

(2) The case should be read several times. Sort through the information presented and categorize it as important, importance to be determined and apparently not that important. Stay flexible in terms of categorizing information. Something that might initially appear to be irrelevant may prove to be crucial in the middle of the analysis process.

(3) Utilize the MGT 795 Case Study Worksheet as it will provide assistance in the organization of case study information.

(a) Identify the firm's relevant vision/mission statements.

(b) Identify the firm's business model.

(c) Identify the firm's competitive advantage.

(d) Identify the firm's performance objectives--both corporate and financial.

(e) Identify core areas of the program critical to the case.

(f) Identify the issues facing the firm in the case at this time.

(g) Identify how the firm differentiates itself from other firms.

(h) Identify the competitive environment that the firm faces.

(i) Identify how the Five-Forces Model impacts the firm.

(j) Identify which of the Five Generic Competitive strategies the firm pursues.

(k) Evaluate the numbers and place them in an Excel spreadsheet to allow analysis to occur, if appropriate, or helpful.

(4) The case analysis should be a minimum of three full pages double-spaced in an easily readable size and typeface and no more than four and a half pages, or a minimum of 1250 words but not more than 1500. While it may seem difficult to achieve that length immediately, by the end of the course the difficulty will be in staying within the limits.

(5) If the case involves a publicly traded company, then consider reviewing selected portions of the firm's most recent annual report, shareholder letter and proxy statement to gain additional insight. Don't get caught up in attempting to find the right "solution" or what actually happened, because your evaluation is dependent on the quality and thoroughness of the analysis shown in your work.

Elements of a Written Analysis

(1) An interesting opening to the case generates reader interest in what follows. A jarring conclusion, a warning of trouble ahead, significance of subject matter, humor, appropriate references and many other similar things can create that interest. It never hurts to connect with the reader right from the start.

(2) The introduction needs to contain a thesis statement. It provides a message about what the objective of the analysis is. Nobody jumps in the car for a road trip without knowing the destination. In addition, the introduction should give some clue as how the analysis will "prove" the thesis statement.

(3) The introduction might have a brief statement about the company and a glimpse of any facts necessary to forward the analysis later on. Limit these to two or three sentences, at most. An extremely brief explanation of the firm's mission/vision statement might also give the case some context.

(4) Identify the significant issues facing the company with sufficient information so that the reader can understand each. The analysis should focus on at least three in the weekly cases or five in the Capstone Case Study. The issues can be identified as strategic and/or ethical and may also flow from or relate to the other eight core areas of the program. Prioritize the issues so that you are analyzing them beginning



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