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Sarah Story Case

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So there I was me Sarah sitting with my friends Isabelle, Stacy, and Lauren having our usual gossip session in Mrs Stanley's art class when all of a sudden "she" walked in. Her name was Kristine Edwards she was the sister of Chloe Edwards the girl that all the boys wanted to be there girlfriend. This one was so much different to her sister. Chloe's hair was luscious and long and she wore beautiful clothes while Kristine on the other hand had black greasy hair and wore dark clothes. "I heard that Kristine got kicked out of her old school for punching another girl" Isabelle whispers to me. "She was known for her trouble making and attention seeking". Kristine stood there with her shoulders slouched over as her greasy hair fell in front of her face. She had a pretty face underneath her scruffiness. The class whispered and stared at the new girl. "Now Now "says Mrs Stanley "we have a new girl in our class her name is Kristine Edwards, Sarah? I want you to show her around the school grounds at lunch today" of course I was the one chosen to show her around.

It was now lunch time and all of my friends were hanging out at the usual spot, as I started to walk towards them with Kristine they walked away. "EMO" yells Mitchell one of the popular boys in year 8. I could see the crinkled up face that appeared on Kristine's face when she heard these words." So what sort of things you like doing?" I say, eager to cheer Kristine up. "Nothing "Kristine wasn't the chattiest person and she always seemed to have an angry look on her face. Lunch time was over as I made my way back to class Chloe Kristine's sister stopped me and wanted to talk to me. "Hi Sarah I was wondering if you could do me a favor? if I give you money will u invite Kristine to a sleepover at your house? dad won't let me go out until she makes some friends at her new school" "Sure "I say

As I went back to class the girls seemed mad at me still. I sat by myself my stomach felt empty I felt alone and confused. I could hear the girls whispering "Oh my gosh why is she friends with her she's so ugly" I noticed Kristine yelling at the boys in front of her to stop teasing her the girls were giggling like hyenas " what a freak". I went and sat next to Kristine." Hey Kristine do you want to come to my house this weekend for a sleepover? "Her face lightened up and she said she would ask her dad when she got home. It was all planned Kristine's dad said that its fine she came over.

It was finally the weekend and I hear the door bell ring, my stomach filled with butterflies. I open the door and there standing was Kristine and her dad. It was awkward at first but the conversations started to happen, in the end we had sore stomachs from laughing so hard. Kristine wasn't so bad after all we laughed about how weird



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