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Security Organizations: Goals and Objectives

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Essay Preview: Security Organizations: Goals and Objectives

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In the United States of America one of the most important topics of concerns is organizational security management. The four aspects of goals and objectives that a security organization has to focus on in both government and business operations are: legal aspects of organizational security management, positive and negative influences regarding organizational security, the consequences of failing to achieve goals and objectives and the value private security management brings to businesses. Most of the time when all of these are a part of a day to day review; security usually runs smoothly.

Legal Aspects of Organizational Security Management

There is a mixture of 3 laws that are governed under the legal aspects; criminal, civil, and administrative. Just like anything else concerning security organizational security is monitored to make sure that it is in compliance with all of the local, state, and federal laws. The Federal Security Information Act of 2002 is one of the primary legal legislatures which governs the goals and objectives that a security organization must focus on in both business and government operations (National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2002). This Act protects the security information that both business and government operations have relating to the national and economic interest (National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2002). The information system includes files related to personal identity information, financial standings, operations for the company, and client’s information and relation to the company. Therefore, there has to be measures put in place to ensure the privacy of this information. Another legal aspect is cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has been one of the primary concentrations of the Federal Security Information Act of 2002. The Act ensures that online data is continuously monitored for breach of private data concerning business and government- related activities over the internet. Since the government and business usually have legal binds that ensures clients personal information is protected.

Positive and Negative Aspects

        When it comes to organizational security there are specific positive and negative influences involved. Attention to detail and the ability to meet key needs within the business is one of the positive keys. By a business having these qualities it allows a business to appear more superior to its competition and also shows that this business deserves a security force. With organizational security it has the ability to develop strategic security context models. The negative aspects are accountability; the ability to handle it. With this kind of responsibility comes making decisions and having accountability; and in order to get good and bad feedback from employees and clients, ownership must be accepted.


        Failing to achieve the goals and objectives in a security organization has many negative effects. The major reason behind achieving goals and objectives is to become a very successful and profitable business. If the business is not making profits the way, it is supposed to them have to start letting go major keys to the company and eliminate services that clients expect. Security breaches of any kind of data can be followed by a lawsuit by the public towards businesses and government that may be linked back to legal aspects. Banking fallouts can also occur if failing to achieve goals and objective by security organizations continue. This happened eight years ago after President Barack Obama took office.



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