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Social Systems and Creativity

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Essay Preview: Social Systems and Creativity

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Places of employment usually have a competitive smell in the air. Many people tend to try and outdo the other or come up with new ideas to get ahead or climb the career ladder into a position better than the one they are in. Often time people feel as though they are stuck in a rut, that they can't seem to come up with the new ideas they feel are swimming around in their head and just can't seem to put pen to paper about them. That is where creativity comes in if people were more in tune as to how they can get their creative juices flowing imagine the possibilities. Working in any professional environment calls for creativity and fresh new ideas so why not be that person to inspire others. Ways to spark creativity are to try and change your environment, learn about other cultures or ethnicities, or learn how to brainstorm alone or in a group of people.

Changing Your Environment

When trying to improve creativity a new environment often times sparks new ideas. If you go to a museum, study a new art, or even read about different creative historic figures often times that can spark creativity. Many times if I need any inspiration I go to a museum and try and put myself in the artists' shoes it then gives me an insight into their emotions feelings and also ideas. Going to the park and watching others can also spark creativity in a person viewing life through a relaxed view can do wonders. As Arieti stated "The greatest award to creativity is creativity itself" (Dacey, Lennon, & Fiore, p. ch.4, 1998, p.91).

Cultures and Ethnicities

When searching for fresh new ideas or thoughts nothing can do better than exposing yourself to the outside world of various ethnicities and cultures. Learn about how Chinese view manners vs. Americans. Learn about the religion of Buddhist Monks and how they view silence as a vow of respect and control. Imagine living your life in their shoes and how many new creative ideas you can come up with in that time of silence they have every day. In our society we get so caught up in technology and continuously being connected to the world in some way try switching it all off, Arieti described "A culture that puts emphasis only on immediate gratification, sensuousness, comfort, and immediate pleasure does not promote creativity" (Dacey, Lennon, & Fiore, p. ch.4, 1998, p.90). Imagine tribes in Africa who have no access to phones or internet creativity can come in all forms whether it's from switching the world off to exposing yourself to new ways of living or life.


Brainstorming alone, or in a group can spark many new ideas. When a group gets together and talks about their ideas, regardless of how simple it may sound it often times joins many ideas into one really creative one. Every



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