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Software Case

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Within any business there are tasks to be done and in order to perform these tasks; there is specific software that is needed. There are many software packages and research must be done in order to find the correct software for the company to do particular tasks. A single software may not be right for all business. It is important to know the task at hand and how to get it done, then the decision to choose the best software can be made.

A very important operating software system called the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a structure that controls the processes of fabrication planning and inventory. This is a system that uses the Master Production Schedule (MPS) to regulate the material requirements and uses a practice of inventory, expected receipts, and bill of materials. There are many benefits of using an MRP system within a business, but there are four main benefits. The four main benefits are better reactions on customer orders, faster reactions on market changes, increase operation of facilities and industry, and decrease in inventory stages (Heizer & Render, 2012). A technique that many businesses practice to govern the obtainable production capacity is the Capacity Requirement Planning (CRP). This technique starts by calculating the agenda of production that the company has intended. It then analyzes the actual fabrication capacity of the company and weighs it against the agenda of the production. This method is used to see if the company can meet the agenda with its current production capacity (Capacity Requirements Planning, 2012). A software system that successfully plans and controls all assets needed to make, ship, and account for customers' orders is called the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (Enterprise Resource Planning, 2012). Many companies use this software system to practice their transactions such as manufacturing, distribution, and service companies.

Although there are many companies that use many different software systems extensive research shows that there is one company that offers the software systems this company needs. There are pros and cons to any decision made within a company, including choosing a software system. Founded in 1980, Mosaic Data Solutions delivers custom business software, consulting, and system improvement to its customers which are in an assortment of industries. Mosaic Data Solutions and IBM became business partners in 1983. This company has achieved success for their results in technical development, market development, and customer satisfaction. The company uses a software system that can be easily implemented. This system meets the needs of employees, vendors, and customers that connect the front and back office processes together. They bring the two office processes organized through the incorporation of financial, manufacturing, and distribution modules. The company has a system package called Mosaic M21 Module that includes many systems that serve many



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