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Sri Lankan Airlines E-Marketing Plan

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Essay Preview: Sri Lankan Airlines E-Marketing Plan

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E-Marketing Plan

Business organizations planning plays a vital role in the existence in the current competitive environment. Planning helps the organization in setting up targets and goals and gives a more focused vision of what to do in future. Out of many planning tools S.O.S.T.A.C (Situational Analysis, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics, Actions & Control) acts as a great tool in planning.

1.0 Situational Analysis

The below mentioned points are the key facts that where found out through the environmental analysis done on Sri Lankan Airlines on the previous tasks.

• Sri Lankan airlines has incorporated new digital marketing activities but its use of the new trends and activities are in a mediocre stage. (Refer Task 2)

• Cathay Pacific airways still holds a larger market share and conducts digital marketing activities in a higher scale compared to Sri Lankan Airlines. (Refer Task 4)

2.0 Objectives

An objective will ensure that a company knows what its strategies are expected to accomplish and when a particular strategy has accomplished its purpose. A marketing objective is the quantification of what an organization sells (its products) and to whom (its markets)

(McDonald and Wilson, 2011).

Figure 1 Smart Framework

Source – Authors work created using (Photoshop)

When an organization is identifying their marketing objectives in order to achieve long term goals and targets, it is always recommended to set them between the smart frameworks.

2.1 Digital Marketing Objectives of Sri Lankan Airlines

1. Make customers more inclined to book tickets online rather than purchasing from ticketing agents within 5 months.

2. Increase the number of customer by at least 40% who use the company’s online portals, by the year 2016.

3.0 Strategy

The essence of developing a marketing strategy for a company is to ensure that the company’s capabilities and objectives are matched to the competitive market environment in which it operates, not just for today but into the foreseeable future (Hooley, Piercy and Nicoulaud, 2008).

3.1 Online Value Proposition

The OVP is the summarization of what Sri Lankan Airlines provides to the customer through online services which primarily catches the customers’ attention.

More Discoveries, More Luxury

3.2 Strategies by Sri Lankan Airlines

Objective 01

Objective 02

Figure 2 Strategies

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Strategy 1

Give financial

promotions for online


Strategy 2

Make online booking

more easy and user

friendly than reaching for


Strategy 1

Increase the number of

online portals available,

based on various


Strategy 2

Promote the existence of

such a portal of collected


4.0 Tactics

Tactics include the steps that has to be followed in order to reach the strategies which finally achieve the online marketing objectives. Tactics have to include through the marketing mix which is the 7P’s.

The below diagram helps to analyze the efficiency of the marketing strategies and tactics. The “R.AC.E” model sums up the key marketing aspects that should be looked in to in terms of digital marketing. This process covers the full customer engagement cycle.

Creating awareness and

brand building on Products.

Implementation of the developed Digital Marketing tools for the companies schemes.

Conversion from traditional methods to digital processes.

The organization can get

feedback from the customers on the conversion results & understand any prevailing weaknesses. In order to improve these flaws, the RACE cycle can be repeated.

Author’s work based



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