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The Collection Case

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The Collection

If you enjoyed Saw, Hostel, or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then the collection is one of the movies you must see. This movie has action from start to finish. You clearly see that the director and writer had a formula for a good action packed horror movie. It has everything that you look for with horror, spine tingling suspense, torture, murder, villain, hero, lots of blood and gore. They throw in betrayal, overprotective father, mercenaries, and a victim that wants revenge.

Within the first five minutes you have a car accident, once the action starts they keep it coming; ten minutes does not go by without something happening. Elena's is shocked and hurt to find her boyfriend lip locked with someone in the underground club after he broke the date they had planned. She decks him on the nose and runs off to the bathroom. She sees a red trunk and opens it to find a bloody man who jumps out and grabs her down, dodging a spear that shoots from the wall. The spear activates a several booby traps. First, a large rolling mechanism with blades swings through the crowd, cutting down hundreds of party goers; Elena, scared runs from the bathroom and steps on trip wire, making thin swords fling out, then you see two metal wire walls come down trapping the survivors from the dance floor, above then stands the masked man he slowly, lowers the metal shaft onto the party goers that are left. The masked murder kills almost everyone. He takes Elena, the bloody man (Arkin) jumps out of the bathroom window to escape; only to be tricked by Lucello, Elena's father right hand man into going back to the madman's playhouse, to help find Elena. During his time with the masked murder he marked his arm and counted for all the turns they made during the trip. He leads them to an old abandoned hotel; cameras are everywhere, tripwires, bells tied to doorknobs, a hallway of knives on both sides, surgical torture chamber, rooms with victims that have become willing pawns in his game, rooms with people he has tortured and doped until they are crazy and attack anything on sight. Not only is this killer smart but he can also handle himself, knife fighting, hand to hand combat, and weapons.

Arkin the man who escapes and wants revenge is a tough nut. Even though he was tricked into coming back to the psycho playhouse, he manages to maneuver away from the Lucello's team and elude the killer. The mercenaries are taken down one by one. Elena finds one of the killers victim's (Abby) who claims she is his favorite and acts like she does not really want to leave; but Elena gets her to go with her. When Abby notices Elena adjusting her hearing aid, she freaks out and tells her she is not good enough for his collection and that she was not meant to escape. Elena finds a room with a window but she cannot get out, she yells trying to get help but the two homeless men do not hear her. Abby find Lucello and



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