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The Little Mean Girl - Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: The Little Mean Girl - Personal Essay

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The little mean girl

This afternoon I pushed Oliver in the pool. He fell down and started making gurgle sounds and screaming loud, mom and dad ran as quick as possible, mom cried she thought Oliver was drowned but he wasn’t the doctor arrived and Oliver is good now. Oliver gives him some blueberry pie and mom gives him some even though its 7 pm and almost bedtime he gets the pie and Oliver get happy and proud about it. After Oliver was getting better everyone started asking him questions “how did you fall” “did you slide in” etc. and he answered yes. I think it’s elegant that he answered yes, and that makes me angry so I am going to try again as soon as possible.

If he had telling them that I did it, then he also knows that mom don’t like lies so he had rather lied, because the other day when I stifled him around his throat with the jump-rope he told mom “Hanna was the one who stifled me” the mom got very angry and when dad came home she told him the there was no dessert for Oliver in a whole week, then I asked mom if it’s okay that I can get Oliver’s dessert too but she didn’t answer me just like she couldn’t hear me. It’s weird like don’t she knows that I pushed Oliver in the pool, why does she thinks its okay and let me go.

I was very nice to Oliver before because mom and dad spoiled me just as much as the spoil Oliver. When Oliver got a new toy car then I also got a new doll or something, and if one of us gets cake then both of us gets cake. Now after a month mom and dad have changed a lot over for me, now it’s all about Oliver there is always gifts and presents for him and it just continue. He keeps asking for everything and mom just give him whatever he wants.

I keep asking myself mom and dad who loved me so much why did they stop loving me suddenly and they don’t find me interesting anymore, you would think that I wasn’t their little girl anymore and when I embrace mom she don’t even smile and dad too. When I take a walk with them they don’t even take care of me. When I play in the pool I can play as much as I want without they tell me to get out but they are not like that with Oliver they don’t let him play in a long time. For not a long time ago I asked Oliver why mom is behaving like that even though I didn’t like to talk to him he just looked at me in a weird way and said, “it’s because of mom don’t like to hear about me” I said that’s not true but he said that he heard that mom was telling dad that she don’t want to hear about me anymore.

It was at this day I stifled him with the rope after that I was very angry even though he got in trouble for telling that I pushed him in the pool so I went to his room and told him that I was going to kill him.

This afternoon Oliver told me that tomorrow he is going on a trip with mom



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