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The Right to Be Human

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Israel Valenzuela

Rhys Davies

Composition and Rhetoric

16 April 2018


The Right To Be Human

In the present days, society is starting to change the way it is composed, the minimum structure of this, called family. It is no longer the traditional family type that we know, there are many varieties like a single mother, fathers with children, married people without children, or same-sex couples. These are the most controversial and the ones who receive the higher number of critics for many reasons. The family, like in any other institution, is a social product subject to modifications. The human relations are based on their culture, for that reason the norms and laws are modified in order to follow the cultural changes and the principal argument was that all the people have to have the opportunity to live the way that they want, regardless of the orientation, misinformation or judge from people that really do not understand the condition that homosexual people live and the barriers they have to go through just for wanting to live with the person they want. It has been said that it is no natural in humans, supporting it with religious reasons based on the bible, or only believing that it is a consequence for being raised in unstable families that create psychological traumas that may cause this condition and also sometimes it can be considered as a disease that can be cured.  

One of the main points is that society needs to understand that being gay is not a problem or a disease. However, it has been discovered that there are some species in the nature such as the case of penguins, after being observed it was discovered that when the mother of an egg dies the male takes care of it, in some cases with another member of the same sex acting instinctively and for the protection of this new baby, the  difference is that there is no prejudice also they do not try to understand if this situation is wrong. In the same case in the mating season when the male penguins have too much testosterone, they look for others of the same sex because they are higher and have a better condition than females. (Abc. es ).  Like these examples, there are many more in nature, with the only difference that they are not judged by this condition. In the case of humans, studies want to prove that this happened for a biological and social condition. (Apa. org). Therefore, with this explanation, why people of the same sex cannot get married in all the countries? Maybe the religion or simply the incomprehension of this can lead to denying this human right.

After that, we have to consider that one of the most controversial arguments is the religious one due to they believe that God creates woman and men for a reason and this is the only correct way by the eyes of the church. The people's sexual orientation is seen as a choice and who have had this inclination to stick to religion are put as an example, a writer who supports this theory is Richard Cohen, who believes that homosexuality is the result of several factors and it can be corrected through therapy. This Evangelical- Christian writer has made several books, he also does seminars on how young gays can change their orientation based on these traumas caused in childhood, saying that every problem can have a solution. He puts an example of a transgender man who decided to change his life with the help of this therapy and now he has a "normal" family. (Religion and liberty.com). For reasons like that they want to defend their beliefs, refusing to marry people of the same sex because this would go against their norms and also the structure of the family would be violated.  



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